Sunday, July 10, 2011


Today, i learned the most valuable lesson ever, but it wont make since unless i explain with a story.
When i was in cross keys middle school as seventh grader... it was the worst year of my life. I was bullied, sexually harassed, harrased, physically and emotionally. And made fun of until i just couldn't take it anymore. I went to the office and the counslers office many many times.... and each time she did nothing about the situation. Each time being it the same ppl or not she only told them not to do it again... That didn't help. This ticked me off. I was P.O.ed because i couldn't do anything baout it. i finally confronted my parents and told them about. They were going to go up and confront the counsler... but forgot. That's when i had to do my own thing and stand up for myself. Many girls, even boys wanted to fight me because of this. I am not at all a fighter... i could never bring myself to hurt anyone. Only a week or so before the school year ended.... I got a text while my parents were out of town... It was a text saying why dont you just kill yourself... At that moment... I honestly wasn't offended.... but it kind of hurt.  A couple of days later... she came up to me.... She said she wanted to make truce... IT wasn't at all a truce... she wrote on her hand that i see dead ppl.... this really hurt... i wanted to punch her dead in her face.... but i couldn't ( btw the girls name is Abby)... i had written that in a book i wrote and also in my journal that i had left in a class by accident... becuse i had been confronted by a ghost... I did what i always did and clenched my fist behind my back and the other on the side of me....
I finally stood up for myself and told her that if she truely wanted to make truce... she wouldn't have written that on her hand, also i told her that it makes ppl want to cry. To end it all i finally told her that she only made fun of me along with everyone else because she was jealous and insecure of herself. I felt proud at that moment.. but alittle consided..... i did the right thing... But the terrible thing that i thought of was to get revenge on those who made fun of me... But then while reading an Anime today one of the characters from SAy i love you, (MEI- chan) said " Only hatered can be born from hatered" And i learned that i wouldn't gain anything by getting revenge on anyone... instead i would just keep to myself and pray about my problems... SO ppl who struggle with these problems... REmember one thing " only hatered can be born from hatered."

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