Thursday, July 7, 2011


Hey everybody i'm Julia i'm 13 almost 14 and i love art. I love drawing  and i love taking random pictures of everything. haha i believe i can make everything look absolutely more amazing than it already is. I believe everything has a meaning or else it wouldn't be here. Am i wrong for believing such truth? I am told i am an amazing writer and if i say so myself i am. Ummm i love the color pink and mix it with a certain blue and it's perfect lol. All though i am younger than most bloggers i am at the most mature for my age. Therefore i am engaged to the most amazing person in the world. haha Jonathan Logan. Ive been with him for almost 2 years now our anniversery was a couple of months ago. I have decided to blog because all though i am a very confident person i also have a lot of problems. Problems that who have made me what i am today. I love life and i wish someone would understand my view on it besides my fiance. I basically came to blog to vent about feelings and life itself. God put me on this earth for a reason and i am determinded to find out what that reason is....

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